Play is how kids learn and grow.

It is also how they connect to your brand.

Patriots Rusher

Brandissimo connects big adult brands to youth.

We also help youth brands experience growth spurts.

We create brands and platforms that engage kids.

We do this via branded play in these platforms:

NFL Logo
National Football League:
NFL Rush Zone

The big adult NFL brand wanted to connect with kids, so we created and produced the NFL RUSH Zone.

This brand began in 2007 and encompasses a massively multiplayer virtual world, games, mobile apps, collectible card game, board game, apparel, toys, the #1 McDonald's Happy Meal of 2013, and three seasons of an animated TV series on Nicktoons.

United States Olympic Committee:
Team USA's Pinsanity

The USOC wanted to engage fans on a daily basis and drive incremental revenue, so Brandissimo took the #1 fan activity of pin trading and built a Facebook and mobile brand around it. Team USA's Pinsanity allows fans to engage daily with USA Olympians, teams, sponsors, and each other by collecting and trading virtual pins.

PBS Sprout:
Online Engagement

This great kids brand was losing steam in terms of web engagement due to numerous sub-brands. It needed not only a refresher but a complete redesign in order to play the way kids play today. Brandissimo produced a web design that allows kids to easily and elegantly flow between the many brands.

CPK Logo
Cabbage Patch Kids:
An Adult Brand?

You bet. Weird, huh? Cabbage Patch Kids was primarily a brand for adult collectors. It needed to reach out and appeal to kids in order to stay relevant … and develop a future customer base. Brandissimo completely redesigned and optimized CPK's ecommerce site, reenergizing the brand for young customers and veteran collectors alike.

TT Logo
Skechers Twinkle Toes:
Sparkling Online

Young girls are online … like, a lot! Skechers knew that engaging girls where they play is the key to building brand allegiance. Brandissimo designed and created where young fans can play games, decorate, collect, and watch videos, deeply immersing themselves in the Twinkle Toes brand.

The Process Fairy
Why our work works.

Kids live in a world of pixel dust — see Exhibit A & B below — so it makes sense that digital play is a natural way for kids to jump into a brand, either for the first time or as a new expression of your brand. And the more they play the more they learn. The more they learn the more they love, which when done well leads them into a long-term engagement beyond the play patterns we build.

Exhibit A: How kids see the world Exhibit B: How they engage in play
Exhibit A Exhibit B
But … the brand relationship won't grow if it's all play and no brand. So we infuse play with brand in a meaningful way for both brand-holder and kids. How? We'll call it branded play. Here's how we get to it:
You talk and we listen.

We learn everything we can about your brand, hopes, and dreams. When we've all arrived at the main story we want to tell, we do just that: We tell stories. Whatever the engagement becomes — mobile, web, TV/DVD — we tell "stories". It may look like an app or a virtual world, but it's really telling your brand story. And in our stories your brand is always the hero and always gets the girl, or the boy, or both, for years to come.

How do kids play with your brand?

David Snyder
David Snyder

For over ten years David Snyder was the head creative content executive for Walt Disney Television International and a key creative force in the development, production, and programming of hundreds of hours of animation, live-action programming, and documentaries for the Walt Disney company. David also led the launch of numerous international Disney channels, as well as their branded programming blocks on major terrestrial broadcasts.

After Disney, he joined Gullane Entertainment where he produced three seasons — 78 episodes — of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends among other shows. His programs have won numerous international awards.

Frank Fraser
Frank Fraser
EVP Creative Director

Frank is a former Creative Director at Disney Consumer Products and is a highly-regarded brand expert with over 25 years experience in creating and building successful brands.

The results have been award-winning advertising, brand identity programs, consumer products, character development, and an appalling lack of sleep. Frank was the first hire under Brandissimo!’s "no jerks allowed" HR policy and is one of its owners.

The Players
Andy Babb
Andy Babb

Andy has produced video games and interactive entertainment since 1996. As a marketing, business development, and senior management executive at Sega, Take-Two Interactive, and In-Fusio, Andy has managed the publishing of over 200 video games across most console, handheld, PC, online, and mobile platforms. Andy earned his BA from UCLA and MBA from Stanford.

David Gagne
David Gagne

David has been developing video games, websites, applications, and enterprise solutions for two decades. He has worked extensively as a producer and as a cutting-edge developer in the fields of electronic entertainment media, telecommunications, and biotechnology. David excels at managing internal and external development teams, and steadfastly lives by the great Abraham Lincoln maxim, "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe."

David graduated from the Honors Department of the University of Florida with a BA in English and travels the world with his amazing wife, their amazing son, a dog, and a cat.